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Who we are

Enhanced Black Beauty is motivated to improve the general lack of accessibility of skin and hair care products for black women in Europe.

Let‘s work together to finally create a one-stop-shop where we, as beautiful black women, can easily find the skin & hair care products that are essential to our uniqueness.

Let‘s share our individual needs and experiences with one another so that we can build a buying community that enables awareness, provides support and targets relevant products.

We are passionate in our belief that working together we can make some small difference in the lives of black women living in Europe.


Our promise

You share your frustrations, your needs, and your successes with us.

We will listen, find your product and share your successes so that everyone can benefit.

We promise transparency, every step of the way!

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We need YOUR support!

Back to our promise of transparency… Our vision is not yet a reality!

We can only launch our venture if it is sure that it would indeed be of help and benefit for enough black women living in Europe.

And we should take this first step in the same manner as we intend to continue our relationship… by listening to you!

If we receive 1,000 expressions of interest in our store concept then Enhanced Black Beauty will become a reality!